Workato collaborates with Epicor to automate critical business processes

Workato partners with Epicor to launch Epicor Automation Studio, a low-code/no-code iPaaS for everyday business users.

Integrated with Epicor Kinetic and Epicor Prophet 21, the Automation Studio platform enables organizations and users to connect and enable automated workflows between more than 1,000 third-party applications.

As organizations evolve and expand their business operations, ensuring that silos between services, applications, and data do not grow is critical to achieving high-value business outcomes. Automation Studio solves this problem by allowing users to easily connect data between applications and create automated workflows, all directly from native Epicor environments, and in collaboration with IT for governance.

“We are thrilled that Workato’s enterprise automation platform powers Epicor Automation Studio which provides users with unparalleled capabilities to automate critical business processes,” said Gautham Viswanathan, co-founder and chief product officer at Workato. . “Now Epicor users in business and IT can innovate faster by connecting Epicor to more than 1,000 applications, databases, and ERPs using a highly intuitive low-code/no-code product. “

By partnering with Workato, Epicor Automation Studio provides access to over 400,000 published “recipes” or pre-built workflow automations. Along with other market offerings, these “recipes” give users the time and ability to adapt and grow automation and internal integrations into CRM, sales, finance, production, marketing, HR, IT and others.

Epicor users who sit in different departments of an organization can create countless integrations and automations through Automation Studio, including:

  • Sales can benefit from automatic production of orders in their Epicor platform from an opportunity created in
  • Finance and accounting can ensure greater accuracy by automating monthly exchange rate adjustments in their Epicor platform.
  • HR can gain efficiencies by automatically uploading workforce data from their Epicor platform to ADP.

“We are thrilled to partner with Workato to launch the Epicor Automation Studio solution which addresses the need for seamless integration between our ERP platforms and a large application ecosystem,” said Vaibhav Vohra, Chief Product Officer, Epicor. . “Our users are now able to move into higher value activities thanks to the new low-code automation capabilities built into our platforms. As we continue to evolve as a company, we are continually looking for ways to help our users grow with us.”

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