WeSuite at ISC West 2022: leveraging technology to automate business processes

WeSuite will demonstrate how its software platform creates efficiencies and accuracy in sales that lead to higher profitability and more.

ISC West 2022 will be held March 22-25 at the Venetian Expo in Las Vegas. Before this year’s show, ISS heard from WeSuite Founder and President Tracy Larson about what the company will bring to ISC West, its value proposition and more.

What is the flagship product or offering your company is showcasing at ISCW this year, and what makes it unique or special?

All security companies are looking for ways to leverage technology to better automate their business processes, to maximize the efficiency of existing resources. WeSuite is about creating efficiencies and accuracy gains in sales that lead to increased profitability and smooth delivery of projects and services in operations. With that in mind, WeSuite will highlight a few new integrations we’re releasing:

The first is with ADI. WeSuite has integrated with ADI to enable live price verification from sales estimates in our WeEstimate product. It’s exciting because integrators can create their estimate BOM and, with just one click, get the latest parts prices from ADI! Knowing that parts costs are up to date is a huge advantage in today’s pricing and supply chain environment. We have also included notification of special discounts offered by ADI along with the applicable time frame of the offers.

Another of our parts management integration partners, Black Leaf Solutions, will be present near WeSuite. Black Leaf Connect is integrated with WeEstimate and typically sits between sales and purchases, so both sell and buy the right parts at the right price.

Our integration with DealerAlly brings turnkey consumer financing options into QuoteAnywhere and Site Survey, allowing dealers to offer customers the conversion of upfront system purchase costs into affordable monthly payments. Customers move up easier, dealers get paid immediately, alleviating cash flow issues, and the team closes more sales.

We will also showcase other popular integrations that are highly rated by our customers.

Our longstanding partnership with PSA includes an integration designed to support its members. From WeSuite, PSA members can search and select PSA parts with their member discount.

WeSuite’s integration with DocuSign and eOriginal gets signed sales on the spot! It’s a great way to close faster and increase sales volume. WeSuite automatically populates proposal and contract documents with the correct sales information, saving sellers and their customers a lot of time and making closing sales faster and easier.

These are just a few of the integrations WeSuite offers to automate sales processes, increase profitability and growth, and reduce risk, by seamlessly connecting sales processes to operations.

Do you want to highlight other products or offers?

We will answer this question with a question. Which sales prospecting solution is better than WeSuite alone? An integrated sales, reservations, delivery and support solution – one that combines WeSuite’s best selling software with the leading accounting ERP business platforms preferred by security integrators!

WeSuite is an expert in creating custom and “out-of-the-box” integrations. The integration of accounting and ERP allows WeSuite to join forces to create the power of a true enterprise-level system for any size reseller or integrator. WeSuite seamlessly reads existing data such as customer, contact and part information, for lead and estimate generation and when sales are “earned”, automates all sales information for the automated job creation in accounting and delivery software.

Our latest “out-of-the-box” integration is with FieldHub. WeSuite manages the booking process with direct integration to existing FieldHub data and passes the sale date to FieldHub for work order creation and delivery.

WeSuite has created integration with leading accounting platforms that serve the security industry. Together, we deliver a complete solution that addresses the unique business challenges faced by integrators. At ISC West, WeSuite will highlight our many value-added integrations that improve our customers’ performance and profitability, while providing a superior sales experience for our customers’ customers.

What else is new or noteworthy in the business for 2022?

WeSuite introduces a new technology platform for QuoteAnywhere and site survey that uses responsive design to optimize user experience regardless of device. The new interface is even easier to navigate and allows users to perform all sales functions with intuitive and connected workflows. WeSuite’s REST API connects the new platform to WeEstimate and simplifies integrations between QuoteAnywhere and other third-party applications. When released in Q3, QuoteAnywhere and Site Survey users will automatically have access to the new interface when they log into their system!

What is your company’s overall value proposition to security resellers/integrators? Why should they do business with you?

WeSuite is a complete contract contact software solution that was designed specifically for the security industry by former systems integration managers and sales managers. It provides sales teams with everything they need in a centralized platform, eliminating the inefficiencies, blind spots and communication barriers that keep security integrators, alarm companies and managed service providers from working. increase their sales. WeSuite software supports enterprises, medium and small businesses and all levels of the organization – salespeople, administrators and management – by giving everyone the tools they need to work smarter, faster and better in their sales process.

In your opinion, what are the best opportunities on the market today?

Supply chain issues force system integrators to constantly update their parts, labor, and billable item offerings, costs, and prices. Many also need to automate proposal and contract language changes to deal with higher costs and delayed product receipt. At the same time, customers still expect quotes to be processed as quickly as possible. Without the right sales software in place – to ensure quotes are accurate and profitable – this is impossible to do.

Additionally, software like WeSuite is key to supporting the hybrid workplace that is likely to persist beyond the pandemic. When field workers have access to the same resources as those in the office, workflows are automated to keep opportunities moving through the system, and a centralized database ensures that communication channels remain fluid, businesses can succeed regardless of the location of their employees.

Would you like to add anything?

If you’re wondering why it’s hard to grow or how you can remove costly manual processes that create gaps in your organization, start thinking about the invisible check you write every month to support this way of operating. Companies that have switched to WeSuite quickly realize how much money they previously left on the table and how quickly they close stressful gaps affecting their team members.

We know that switching to a selling software solution is a big decision and can seem like an overwhelming proposition, but it’s worth considering. Our customers find getting in and running can be daunting, but it’s made so much easier with our dedicated help and support. Please stop by booth 24113 at ISC West. We’ll show you how our software works and discuss specific ways it can help you increase your sales.

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