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Abhishek Biswal, Business Leader, Airtel IQ

About four years ago, when Abhishek Biswal, Business Leader, Airtel IQ joined the organization, he was given a very simple task at a time when Airtel mainly offered three basic offerings, Mobility, DTH and broadband. Of these three, they had to acquire more broadband and DTH customers from the Google database.

At the MarTech Asia Summit 2022, Biswal shared an anecdote where this problem seemed simple but he looked at their own data. They had around five million broadband customers, not on Airtel’s broadband model and around 14 million customers on the competitor’s DTH.

Biswal said, “You get the problem statement here? That’s when your boss says to you, I want you to go get those five million broadband customers. They all want broadband and they are already using broadband.

Biswal took these numbers and sent messages or emails all the time. They kept hammering message after message but nothing worked.

“We realized that actually having just one point of contact with the customer didn’t work,” Biswal added.

Hence, the Airtel executive came up with the idea of ​​personalizing the experience at every touchpoint. Whenever they wanted to message a client to acquire DTH, they would say ‘Kaun Banega Crorepati begins. We want you to watch this?

He shared: “That’s it. It’s a very simple idea that we started working on. We did it for our stores. We also did it for a million outlets in the country. , which is now visited by around 150 million customers each month.

Therefore, Biswal has tried to bring home the great part of being a telecommunications company, which is capable of collecting immense amounts of data for all these customers.

“I looked at our data and realized that it was not enough to know who to market and what to market. You also need to figure out when to actually talk to customers, when they’re at the top of their happy ladder,” he added.

To better solve this problem, Airtel took network strength, data strength, distribution strength and payment strength.

Biswal said, “Network has given us the ability to call a customer when they are most likely to answer the call. The rest gave us an idea of ​​when you can reach out to your customers, figure out what the right call to make is. Probably, find out the best time to talk to them and the best channel.

“By looking at these four trends, Airtel has basically combined them to create four suites that all marketers can use,” he concluded.

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