The Ministry of Industry and Information Technologies removes 96 applications that undermine the rights and interests of users


(Source: Informatica)

The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) organized the provincial communications administrations to test applications related to vacation travel and livelihood services for people on the eve of the National Day. A notice was published today saying that the 96 apps that failed to complete the necessary platform fixes within the allotted timeframe have been removed from the app stores.

Some of the deleted apps are suspected of illegally collecting personal information, including E-school from Tianjin Yuhua Education, Adam Examination Pass from Tianjin Adam Education, Jingshi E-school from Tianjin Howdo Technology, Yangguang Yuwen from Shanghai YGYW Education, Zhizhigushi from Shanghai AdinAll and master of education duties of Zhejiang Tongguan.

Jiangsu Qudu Education’s app for Quduguan had a feature that required users to use the directional push function. Guangxi Qisanketang Qisankeji asked users to provide more information than necessary. Xiaomai5 under Hangzhou Jiejing Technology collected personal information illegally and beyond the scope of the business transaction.

In addition, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology found that ByteDance Pangolin Software Development Kit (SDK), Tencent Ads Platform SDK, and Kuaishou Advertising SDK had many problems, accounting for 37.4 %, 29.9% and 8.0% of total app issues.

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In accordance with cybersecurity law and other laws and regulations, MIIT requires app stores to immediately remove apps from the list after the notification is posted. MIIT will also deal strictly with the SDK with repeated issues according to the law. Businesses will need to strengthen SDK self-examination and self-correction.

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