The Inevitable Rise of Autonomous Business Processes and How to Lead the Charge

The Inevitable Rise of Autonomous Business Processes and How to Lead the Charge

Mindset is absolutely everything in this world we live in, and having a specific mindset in the professional world is a quantifiable asset.

The way we think every day determines our professional performance, whether we are an entry-level employee, a middle manager or a senior manager. Of these categories, having a positive mindset about your industry as a business leader is perhaps one of the most critical, as business leaders make integral decisions that impact an organization. , directly impacting employees at all levels.

Technological factors that influence your state of mind

Of course, maintaining a positive and even transformative professional mindset as a business leader isn’t as simple as motivational videos and literature may make it seem. The world inside and outside your industry has a direct impact on your mindset.

Common factors that can impact your work mindset can include organizational culture, the state of the economy, or perhaps even personal life at home, which we all carry around the office in some way. or another. But today, it should be noted that disruptive digital technology is definitely a major factor in the mindset of a business leader.

For many seasoned C-suite executives and other business leaders, there’s still a sense that the good days are far behind us and that too much is being transformed by exponential digital acceleration. For example, artificial intelligence (AI) is a digital transformation happening in almost every industry. Given the connectivity of 5G alongside Edge Computing, both of which better facilitate AI functionality, business processes will continue to become autonomous – a future Hard Trend certainty that you can not change.

A business owner or senior executive in an organization that sees AI as a threat to their organizational structure and many employee roles will naturally shut down any idea that includes its application. This in turn closes a door on the ways in which their business or organization can both positively transform their industry and continue to grow. Basically, they have a pessimistic mindset and a negative view of the future.

Understand what you don’t understand

Largely, business and other executives balk at disruptive new technology like the AI ​​example above because they simply don’t understand it. A lack of understanding of what exactly something like AI is entirely erases the potential for them to think exponentially about transformative software and hardware applications.

Perhaps it comes from that same kind of generalization that often encompasses the mindset discussions I mentioned earlier in this article. Most of the marketing surrounding AI applications appears to corporate or organizational legacy thinkers as robots taking jobs away from humans.

But whether you’re old school in your thinking or fully embracing new technologies, the key to leveraging new technologies exponentially and having a positive mindset towards them is literally understanding what you may not already understand. Set aside small pockets of time to learn about technologies that directly impact your industry in order to develop a real understand behind their functionality instead of a general overview that leaves you in the dark.

Mastering soft tendencies to think exponentially

In the Hard Trends Methodology that I teach in my Anticipatory Leadership System, there is one component that business leaders and executives can actually create impact with – Soft Trends. It is future possibilities surrounding the future certainties of Hard Trend that are more open to influence.

Artificial intelligence itself is a hard trend, as mentioned earlier; however, the way AI is implemented is a soft trend that you can influence! Too often, new technologies are absorbed by industry leaders like one-trick ponies, when in reality, there are limitless opportunities surrounding them, all unique to their industry and more specifically, to their organization. herself.

If we isolate the AI ​​for a moment, How? ‘Or’ What you are implementing AI in your organization to improve business processes or better serve your external customers is the soft trend that is open to influence. When you take a soft trend as such and use it to your organization’s advantage, you think exponentially as a human in a digital world!

An accounting firm that shifts its mindset from believing outside AI applications will rob their clients to a mindset of using AI internally in personalized and unique ways to better serve clients will find significance and success in the industry.

Human competence in digital technology

Even if you think exponentially about how you implement autonomous digital technology in your organization, what sets you apart from your competitors who use the same digital technology?

Human beings and their individual characteristics! Human skills in our digital world, combined with autonomous technology such as AI, are key to leveraging these digital advances exponentially. This is often the case in the world of customer service. You can have the most advanced AI chatbot to help your customers 24/7; however, many of all generations still want to talk to someone to solve their problem.

Combining digital components with human cognition is how an organization delivers unique services to its customers, stays ahead of the curve of disruption and change and, most importantly, fosters a positive Futureview® at the organization scale. And with this new mindset on how to exponentially integrate digital technology into your human workforce, you as a business leader can now monitor more hard trends and be proactive by thinking exponentially about what’s to come.

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