The importance of efficient business processes in a hybrid world of work



GUEST REVIEWS by Christian Lucarelli, Vice President of Asia Pacific Sales for Nintex: With a high proportion of employees likely to remain in telecommuting mode for an extended period of time, many Australian organizations are finding that their business processes are no longer delivering the goods.

The workflows that have supported operations for years now need to be redesigned and redesigned. Both manual and paper-based processes need to be digitized to ensure they continue to operate efficiently, despite the rapidly changing business environment.

The processes that need to be managed and transformed are many and varied. They can include everything from how customer orders are processed and fulfilled, to how staff leave requests are approved and expense claims paid.

When an organization needs to improve the way its processes are managed, focus on process mapping, process automation, and process analysis.

Process mapping

This initial stage of process transformation is the foundation on which the subsequent activity will be built. This involves mapping the processes that exist within each department and allows you to get a clear idea of ​​how the organization works.

The result will be an accurate process map that ensures everyone involved has a full understanding of all the steps. It also serves to make processes more transparent and allows staff to focus on the end goal rather than the individual steps involved.

If process mapping software is used during this step, it will allow staff to see where individual processes are operating, where there might be bottlenecks and issues, and to suggest improvements to overcome those barriers. . This, in turn, helps when those employees are writing reports and determining how the required changes will be implemented.

Knowing exactly where there is room for improvement can help an organization increase overall performance, reduce operational costs, and increase staff productivity.

Process automation

The objective of this second step is to eliminate the traditionally repetitive and manual tasks carried out by the staff. These tasks are automated through the deployment of carefully selected software platforms that can often perform them faster and more accurately.

This automation software, which sometimes includes digital robots called “bots”, is now more accessible than ever. This means it can be used in organizations of all sizes and deployed quickly to meet business demands.

By using process automation software to streamline the operation of its departments, a business can reduce the time staff spend on less valuable tasks. This then means that they are free to devote their time and energy to tasks that add much more value.

Employee satisfaction will also increase. When staff are able to focus on more meaningful work, they feel their contribution is more substantial. This level of responsibility can often mean that employees also feel pressured to work harder and add more value, thus ensuring a positive and productive environment.

Finding processes that lend themselves to automation is a great way to gain meaningful business benefits from a transformation initiative. This can lead to a much more efficient deployment of staff resources and a significant increase in productivity.

Process analysis

With the new processes in place, the third step is to make sure they actually work as expected. By analyzing them in different ways, an organization will be in the best position to make the changes that may be necessary. If process management software is in place, it will provide analytical data that will indicate where processes are running and which, if any, require special attention.

One of the best indicators of the effectiveness of a particular process is how the staff react to it. They are very knowledgeable about how processes are executed and are perfectly positioned to identify if there are any issues and can even come up with ideas on how to find a solution.

It can also be helpful to solicit customer feedback to get a clear idea of ​​how they think processes are working. If a customer has had to wait hours to be called back or has not received the ordered goods, there are clearly process issues.

Efficient process management has always been important, but in this new hybrid world of work, making them run efficiently is even more critical. Taking steps to improve processes now will provide great business benefits in the future.


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