Super.AI advances its unstructured data processing platform with features suitable for shared services

Embedded unstructured data and intelligent document processing (IDP), authoring, and reinvented human-in-the-loop capabilities put hyperautomation at your fingertips

BELLEVUE, Wash., March 22, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Super.AI today announced the latest version of the company’s Unstructured Data Processing Platform (UDP), which makes it easier for global business and IT departments to expand the scope and pace of automation smart.

Today, shared service centers need to deploy multiple point solutions for processing documents, redacting sensitive information, and processing other forms of unstructured data such as email, text, images, video and audio. Super.AIThe UDP platform unifies intelligent document processing (IDP), human-in-the-loop (HITL), authoring and processing of any type of data, reducing the number of platforms needed to intelligent automation.

“As the technology matures, we are seeing the evolution of IDP capabilities beyond semi-structured documents to unstructured text documents, images, videos, etc. said Anil Vijayan, partner at Everest Group. “The ability to plug and play relevant AI models, the introduction of sophisticated human capabilities into the loop, and the expansion of pre-packaged solutions are some other notable attributes of this evolution.”

“We were blown away by the speed builds a custom application for our specific use case. The platform streamlines task routing and data validation, and AI learned from human workers to automate most of our work within weeks,” said Amit Benco-founder and CEO of One AI.

Improvements in the last The UDP platform version includes:

  • Next-generation Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) that uses state-of-the-art artificial intelligence technology to deliver the highest quality results.
  • Efficient and accurate drafting of documents, images, audio and video to streamline regulatory compliance and reduce risk.
  • Reinvented human-in-the-loop capabilities for data validation and labeling, enabling organizations to integrate third-party and in-house experts into automation workflows.
  • More than 150 quality control mechanisms built into the platform that guarantee the result and ensure compliance with service level agreements (SLAs).

“To deal with unstructured data, companies have turned to different solutions for document, email and sensitive information deletion,” said Brad Cordoba, founder and CEO. “We’ve built a unified, modern platform for processing unstructured data and paired it with a rich marketplace of preconfigured AI applications. The goal is to help business users quickly transform models into AI applications that deliver high ROI and guaranteed quality for processing unstructured data.”

These recent updates have been informed by the needs of business leaders and technology professionals around the world. Super.AIThe recent Survey of the State of Unstructured Data Processing found that:

  • Combining different AI and ML models is a major challenge for 84% of companies. To overcome this, super.aiUDP’s platform acts as a critical infrastructure that allows business users to quickly and easily combine different AI models in one place.
  • AI adoption is at an all-time high, with 61% of survey respondents saying their organization uses it in at least one primary business function.
  • However, most companies have failed to scale AI with 60% of companies adopting AI in a single function or failing to launch projects. the The UDP platform makes it possible to clone AI applications at the touch of a button, then customize them for different use cases without writing a single line of code.

Download the full report, The State of Unstructured Data (UDP) Processing in 2022, for more information. To try the latest version of super.AI UDP platform for yourself, Register for a free trial.

On Super.AI

Super.AI automates the processing of images, audio, video, and text using AI so people can be more human. Our Unstructured Data Processing (UDP) platform has been adopted by leading companies in insurance, financial services, retail, technology, agriculture, and testing, inspection and certification (ICT). We strive to democratize access to artificial intelligence and use AI to enrich the human experience.

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