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KITCHENER, Ontario – September 12, 2022 – (

SkyWatch Space Applications Inc. (“SkyWatch”), a Kitchener-based space technology startup, and Xplore Inc., a commercial space company providing Space as a Service®, today announced that they have signed a partnership agreement. The partnership will accelerate Xplore’s commercial data distribution strategy and expand the diversity of sensor data accessible for the remote sensing market and new applications.

By leveraging TerraStream, Xplore eliminates the expense of building and managing complex and costly IT infrastructure, reducing the risks associated with platform design and data distribution. Xplore Founder and COO Lisa Rich said, “With TerraStream, Xplore can focus on its mission of collecting exquisite data products from space for our analytical customers.

TerraStream offers satellite data providers like Xplore an end-to-end solution to distribute their data products. Data providers on TerraStream can monitor current demand for Earth observation or other remote sensing data, track open and fulfilled orders, and monitor performance with real-time dashboards.

“Our team provides a data distribution solution for remote sensing applications that is second to none,” said Cristian Sternat, Business Development Manager at SkyWatch. “We are honored that Xplore has chosen SkyWatch to manage this critical element of its business.”

Xplore’s partnership with TerraStream opens up new markets and accelerates revenue growth by connecting to EarthCache, SkyWatch’s remote sensing platform. Selling data on EarthCache provides a convenient and cost-effective way to increase revenue from our global remote sensing data market.

The addition of Xplore’s diverse datasets, which include optical, hyperspectral and video sensor data, enriches the diversity of sensor data for the remote sensing market, all in one solution with a flexible pricing model at the use for clients of remote sensing data.

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About SkyWatch

SkyWatch’s mission is to make Earth observation and remote sensing data accessible to the world. Hundreds of trillions of pixels of our planet are captured every day from space. Building on the team’s past experience in spatial data aggregation software, we are building the infrastructure to connect satellite data operators and application developers. The company raised a Series B of US$17.2 million in 2021 and is expected to double in size over the next 18 months.

About Xplore Inc.

Xplore provides Space as a Service®, offering data products, sensor tasks, mission operations software and payload hosting as a service to our customers. Xplore uses its high-performance XCRAFT® platform to deliver these services to government and commercial customers. The company operates from its state-of-the-art 22,000 square foot facility in Redmond, Washington. Visit:

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