Process and control today | LogoMotive speeds up business processes with CONTACT software

Engineering service provider for rail vehicles uses CONTACT Elements to enable end-to-end processes and thus improve collaboration between different departments and systems.

LogoMotive engineers are mechanical experts for railway and special vehicle construction. They convert vehicles, develop and design new ones, modernize and optimize, analyze damage and develop repair concepts, accompany major inspections, perform tests and manage homologations. LogoMotive offers solutions with high added value. The result is railway and special vehicles that combine operational efficiency, safety and driving comfort.

In order to position itself for the future and react quickly to increasingly complex customer requirements, LogoMotive now uses CONTACT Elements to integrate its various CAD, CAE and PDM systems on a central platform. In addition to CONTACT Elements’ extensive scalability and intuitive user interface, the flexible licensing system was a decisive factor in LogoMotive’s decision.

The new platform solution provides a consistent database across departments: from sales to engineering and control to management. This allows LogoMotive to ensure frictionless interaction of its people and systems based on the “single source of truth” principle.

As part of a “train the trainer” concept, CONTACT qualifies certain LogoMotive employees as key users. After the initial setup, they can independently adapt and update the core components of the CONTACT Elements solution. Full functionality, which includes digital project cost management and simulation data management, is to be implemented by early 2023.

“For us, CONTACT Elements fulfills all the requirements of a modern digital workplace,” says Andreas Hofmann, Head of Design at LogoMotive. “We can react quickly and flexibly to future updates and adaptations to advance our LogoMotive digital strategy.”

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