Paradigm Partners with Twenty7Tec to Accelerate Data Processing

Paradigm Mortgage Services has partnered with provisioning platform and technology provider Twenty7tec to add time and resource saving benefits to its member advisory firms.

The arrangement allows intermediaries to access Twenty7Tec’s Velocity suite of applications. This includes Finplan Home, Finplan Protect, Finplan Wealth, Capture, Source, Apply and Insight.

According to Twenty7Tec, Velocity can be used by advisory firms in the mortgage, protection and wealth sectors, as well as providers of financial services products to save time using technology when assisting. to customers.

The sourcing system allows advisors to find relevant lenders for the customer data that has been entered. According to Paradigm, according to the CRM provider, entering this data should take less time.

As part of the deal, Paradigm, a mortgage distributor and a division of Tatton Asset Management, said it has secured special terms to source mortgages at a reduced rate with Twenty7Tec.

Richard Howe (illustrated), Director of Mortgages at Paradigm Mortgage Services, said: “We are all keenly aware of the major advances in technology delivery that we have seen in recent years in the consulting industry, and Twenty7Tec has been one of the key players. Technology adoption is about integrating systems like Velocity into an individual business and being a catalyst to support advisors, saving them time, money and resources to navigate the advisory journey in a much faster time.

He continued, “Too much time has been spent repetitively entering data into various systems or having to duplicate tasks, clearly eating away at companies’ time and resources. We believe companies that adopt technology that eliminates this from their process will be more efficient and able to spend more time with customers, and Twenty7 Tec can help with this seamless integration.

Rhys Powell, National Account Manager at Twenty7Tec, said, “In today’s climate, advisors are looking for technology solutions to reduce the time they spend on a customer journey, while staying compliant at the same time. Being able to offer this solution to Paradigm Mortgage Services and working closely with them to drive adoption is another example of our commitment to the industry to make the mortgage advisory process faster, easier and more efficient.

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