NIRSA in Ecuador Improves Business Processes with SAP


NIRSA, one of the largest fishing companies in Ecuador, has deployed SAP S / 4HANA to implement global best practices, improve processes, and promote employee development.

The process of Digital Transformation, among others, is a bet towards the revolution and the optimization of the processes which are currently considered with optimism in the business sector; It is no coincidence that organizations that have embraced this change are more profitable than their competitors and benefit from a higher market valuation.

This is all the more true if the profession involves an evolution towards the automation of processes with the aim of bringing value to stakeholders and fostering a cultural change that promotes employee development as the main axis of progress. .

NIRSA, one of the country’s leading companies dedicated to the capture, processing and marketing of marine and aquaculture species with Ecuador’s largest fishing fleet, has innovated significantly over the years.

It is going through a process of transformation with the implementation of the Lidera project. This represents a solid investment of over US $ 10 million with a five-year projection, with the goal of digitally transforming the organization’s systems.

Jorge Arcila, IT Director of NIRSA, said: “At NIRSA we are looking to accelerate our growth, that is, to take the organization to another level.

“This process represents a cultural evolution from a systems point of view that will come with multiple benefits such as improved efficiency, execution of global best practices, generation of new capabilities, provision of new tools. to our employees and better control of data thanks to analytical elements, among others. . ”

One of the software that NIRSA works with is SAP, now updated to SAP S / 4HANA, a benchmark in the enterprise tools market that helps organizations of all sizes and in all industries run in the best possible way. : 77% of global transaction revenue goes through a SAP system. For example, its machine learning, Internet of Things (IoT) and advanced analytics technologies help build businesses with smart processes.

Marcela Perilla, President of SAP for the Latin America and Caribbean North Region, said: “One of the main challenges for most companies is to adapt to the rapid changes of the digital age and to leverage party of new technologies that promote growth in a short time, according to their own business needs.

“SAP aims to offer its customers agile, scalable and comprehensive solutions that meet all the specifics of each industry. And thus support more companies towards the cloud and support them in their sustainable development strategies.

Diego León, EY Consulting, National Leader of Ecuador at NIRSA, said: “Digital transformation is an opportunity for our country’s food sector to innovate its business models, optimize operations, improve customer experience and finding new ways to leverage data. and technology.

“With this goal in mind, we are supporting the construction of an operating model that, leveraging the best technology and strong digital capabilities, allows us to leverage data-driven market insight to meet real-time business challenges. “

Traceability, trust for exports

NIRSA is one of the pioneering companies in the Ecuadorian fishing industry that has supported the implementation of technology to achieve smarter food security. It’s a new way to ensure food production with digital traceability and Blockchain, an unprecedented technological solution. It is the ability to innovate to ensure connectivity and a 100% trusted environment with buyers and destination markets.

Currently, the company manages traceability and has certifications that guarantee its veracity. With this implementation, the agility and accuracy of information should improve. With SAP S / 4HANA, it will be possible for food system stakeholders to have full end-to-end traceability, as well as the ability to provide accurate and real-time information on food, its production and where it comes from. the sea at the office.

In this way, NIRSA continues to focus on innovation to implement global best practices, improve processes and promote the development of its employees.

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