Modernize SAP business processes with IBM Innovation Center for SAP Solutions



In an effort to accelerate customer modernization of on-premises and cloud-based SAP business processes, the old IBM SAP International Competence Center (ISICC) has been upgraded and transformed into the new IBM Innovation Center for SAP Solutions.

IBM’s Innovation Center for SAP Solutions was born after SAP and IBM took the next step in their on-premise collaboration for the first ISICC founded in 1993. Customers can use the new center to begin their journey digital transformation using IBM’s framework. “Enterprise Design Thinking” based on hybrid cloud and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies for SAP applications.

With this important event adding to the long list of IBM and SAP collaborations in their almost 50-year alliance, the two tech giants continue to invest strategically in their Evolution partnership which was launched in June 2020 .

Last April, they worked closely to help clients across various industries expand their digital transformation capabilities by delivering industry-specific smart offerings that use emerging technologies to transform data into business value.

Additionally, long-standing partners joined forces again this month to develop the IBM Cognitive Enterprise solution that provides intelligent workflows built on IBM’s Essentials platform to support data-driven processes. with integrated data intelligence and end-to-end process integration.

As part of their combined efforts, the two teams design and deliver intelligent end-to-end industrial solutions, according to Peter Maier, president of SAP Industries and Customer Advisory. Commenting on the new IBM Innovation Center for SAP Solutions, he pointed out:

“This collaboration translates into better data insights based on the predictive capabilities and automation of SAP and IBM. At SAP, we appreciate the investments IBM has made in our partnership over many decades, and in particular the local investment in the Innovation Center, which will accelerate the digital transformation efforts of our customers.

SAP and IBM experts to help modernize SAP business processes

Meanwhile, Tanja Scheller, Director of IBM Innovation Centers for SAP Solutions, explained that customers and partners can get advice from the center on how to modernize SAP business processes using IBM Cloud. and AI to respond better and faster to market opportunities.

From SAP S / 4HANA migration and hybrid cloud deployment to establishing intelligent industrial workflows, IBM and SAP experts work closely together to develop tailor-made solutions to meet customers’ specific business needs.

Additionally, IBM Rapid Move Studio is a competence center located within the IBM Innovation Center for SAP Solutions, where customers experience a hybrid migration approach for implementing SAP S / 4HANA using their SAP investments. existing.

Michael Eberhardt, CEO of SNP, said the competence hub provides customers with a central point of contact. As an IBM partner, SNP aims to move SAP customers to SAP S / 4HANA and the cloud quickly and securely.

“By sharing and supplementing our knowledge, we are able to meet the current and future needs of customers. In this way, we are paving the way for our customers to become smart and connected businesses, ”said Eberhardt.

In addition, the new center will serve as an integration center for experts from IBM and Red Hat who will help modernize SAP systems, laying the foundation for digital transformation and future developments. Jochen Glaser, Global Head of SAP Business at Red Hat, said:

“Red Hat and SAP have worked together for 20 years and have built a strong partnership during this time. Our open and hybrid infrastructure solutions are certified for SAP and offer added value that goes far beyond migration and is clearly presented in the Walldorf Innovation Center.

Strengthening the almost 50-year alliance

Keith Costello, Managing Director of Global SAP Business at IBM, stressed in his blog that a partnership shouldn’t just revolve around press releases, joint offers or events. He said any true relationship requires each party to invest their time, energy and capital.

“This is precisely what the IBM and SAP partnership is… deep, lasting and a real value differentiator for our customers,” he concluded.

IBM continues to work closely with SAP to improve solutions to complement its cloud and RISE collaboration with SAP. Reinforcing its commitment to drive digital transformation across various industries, IBM was one of many partners who expressed support for SAP’s holistic business transformation-as-a-service offering.


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