MEASURE Winter 2021 Product Release Expands Data Processing and Analytics Capabilities


WASHINGTON and AUSTIN, Texas, January 26, 2021 / PRNewswire / – MEASURE, a leading aviation intelligence company, has delivered a major expansion to its Ground Control drone software platform. The update features improved data processing and analysis capabilities and enables users to create improved data products.

By continuously investing in our technology, MEASURE users can immediately benefit from the following new features:

  • Extensive Pix4D integration and user interface. A wider range of applications for MEASURE’s core drone mapping tools will allow users to incorporate data from thermal and multispectral sensors and optimize data for 3D maps and 3D models.
  • Thermal reflectance maps. Through a partnership with FLIR Systems, Inc., MEASURE’s mobile applications have been certified “Thermal by FLIR”. MEASURE’s new Pix4D processing options enable the creation of thermal reflectance maps from data captured by FLIR and other thermal camera sensors.
  • More granular controls. MEASURE’s updated processing model provides the ability to optimize output file size based on operational use versus analytical use and apply mapping applications such as calibration with RTK / PPK for precision GPS capture technologies.
  • Development of agricultural information technology. The update includes specialized processing parameters for visual spectrum imaging (RGB), indices and maps for analyzes, including red border of normalized difference and reflectance, index, classification maps. and radiometrically accurate application from multispectral images that enable the creation of data products for use. in precision agriculture.
  • Custom layers. In addition to the extended processing options, enterprise users can now import asset boundaries (polygons) from their geographic information system (GIS) repositories as shapefiles. Users can upload these shapefiles to MEASURE’s MapViewer Web, where they can name the layer, create layer labels, and use them for flight planning and contextualization of data products.
  • Scopito’s extended functionality, including image annotation, defect classification and new AI-based tools to support analysis of transmission and distribution applications, building inspections and cell towers .

“The latest round of changes we’ve made to our platform is a testament to our commitment to moving the drone industry forward,” MEASURE CEO and Co-Founder said, Brandon Torres Declet. “Combining quality, user-friendly design and affordability is crucial, and our enhanced capabilities have done just that. »Building on the growth of inspections and infrastructure mapping, MEASURE provides a single, comprehensive platform to manage drone operations, analyze datasets and create quality data products that customers want. produce 2D / 3D models or compile reports via image annotation.

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MEASURE is an air intelligence company that builds a complete software operating system to automate drone data capture. With end-to-end program management, user-friendly flight control, and on-platform data analysis, our comprehensive software solution, Ground Control, helps businesses save thousands of dangerous man-hours and create millions of dollars in operational benefits.

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