IndianOil partners with Automation Anywhere to automate multiple business processes


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Automation Anywhere, a global leader in robotic process automation (RPA), announced a collaboration with IndianOil Corporation Limited (IOCL), to accelerate and evolve automation to drive innovation in its 30,000 employee organization .

During the first phase of a five-year plan, IOCL automated selected key processes across all departments including finance, human resources, inventory, etc., using Automation 360, the world’s first AI-powered RPA platform.

IOCL’s overall vision is to improve operational agility, connect disparate systems and, at the same time, empower employees to work more efficiently by enabling them to create solutions that help them move away from tasks. repetitive tactics and mundane and ultimately focus on delivering compelling products to market. To do this, IndianOil leveraged the collective intelligence of the organization and hosted a company-wide RPA botathon event where hundreds of employees and citizen developers were tasked with creating assistants. automation that could unlock innovation.

“We collected over 50 ideas for a company-wide ‘RPA Botathon’ event that saw enthusiastic participation from hundreds of IndianOil employees across all businesses and functions. Participants were trained to create robots on the cutting-edge Automation Anywhere platform. this exercise. As a result, we now have a pool of skilled resources capable of turning an idea into a bot, ”said Alok Khanna, Executive Director (SIS & IS), who leads the digital transformation team at IndianOil.

“Energy companies struggle with legacy systems, multiple data sources and repetitive manual processes that hamper speed and impact,” said Milan Sheth, executive vice president, IMEA at Automation Anywhere. “With our trusted automation platform, we look forward to working with IOCL to unleash automation capabilities across their organization and streamline repeatable tasks.

“This is just the start. We will continue to strive for innovation and digitization and strengthen our leadership across the industry,” said SM Vaidya, President of IndianOil, who personally shaped the digital ambition. from IndianOil. According to Vaidya, “If we don’t go digital, we won’t remain relevant in the business.”

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