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Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) recently signed memoranda of understanding with three strategic partners to further propel the “GBA PolyVentures 2025” master plan established by the University to leverage PolyU’s experience in the field of development. ‘innovation and entrepreneurship education to provide the support needed to nurture deep tech companies and accelerate their growth.

The collaboration also aims to translate research excellence into societal impact to contribute to the development of innovation and technology in the Grande Baie region (GBA). The MoU was signed between PolyU and its strategic partners, namely Everbright Limited, StartupHK Fund and Hai Robotics.

PolyU’s vice chairman noted that the signing of the MoU between PolyU and its strategic partners echoes the nation’s needs and leverages the strengths of PolyU and other parties by working together for the development of innovation and technology in the GBA.

One of the strategic partners is a start-up that provides autonomous robotic systems for processing cases. It was founded in 2016 by Mr. Richie Chen, 2021 graduate and 2014 graduate of PolyU electronics and information engineering department. The start-up has grown rapidly using the manufacturing advantages of the GBA and taking advantage of the huge market opportunities in mainland China. The start-up recently announced that it has completed two rounds of financing for a total amount of US $ 200 million, and its valuation has exceeded US $ 1 billion.

The Innovation and Technology Secretary of the Hong Kong SAR Government congratulated the GBA PolyVentures 2025. He said the National 14e The five-year plan indicates clear support for Hong Kong’s development into an international I&T hub and its integration into the country’s overall development.

Deepening collaboration with the mainland, active participation in the development of ACS and integration into the nation’s development are essential for the further development of innovation and technology in Hong Kong. The Hong Kong SAR government has always attached great importance to university-industry-research collaboration. It is hoped that the generated synergies can strengthen the innovation power in Hong Kong, stimulate innovation and technological development in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Great Bay region and contribute to national innovation and achieve technological autonomy. High quality.

PolyU President said that to further promote the development of research and entrepreneurship in GBA and to nurture future research talent to meet market needs, PolyU continues to work closely with industry partners via “GBA PolyVentures 2025”, providing full support to start-ups. at different stages of education and incubation, to accelerate and strengthen their development.

The goal is to distill over 300 early stage innovation start-ups into at least 20 deep tech companies each year and foster 25 impactful scale-ups in the GBA over the next few years through collaboration. with strategic partners and various support initiatives.

According to the MoU, PolyU and the start-up will explore the creation of a joint innovation center to promote PolyU’s education in innovation and entrepreneurship, develop talent in “new engineering” and conduct applied research on topics related to robotics.

Meanwhile, PolyU and Everbright Limited will invest resources to help start-ups grow through collaboration between technology and industry, provide support for promising research projects and roll out an internship program to encourage innovative talents. PolyU and StartupHK Fund will co-invest in PolyU start-ups and help them enter the GBA market as well as launch initiatives to strengthen entrepreneurship education.

PolyU is also committed to providing high quality education that evolves over time and meets the needs of society. The University will implement admissions based on departmental programs from the 2022/23 academic year, introducing two new elements of “Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics” and “Innovation and Entrepreneurship”.

In addition, PolyU established the College of Undergraduate Researchers and Innovators and a Residential College to encourage undergraduate students to conduct scientific research under the guidance of PolyU faculty. These initiatives are all designed to inspire students’ scientific curiosity and strengthen their capacity for innovation.

PolyU attaches great importance to the development of technology companies. PolyU recently signed a memorandum of understanding with the Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation (HKSTP) to initiate pre-incubation at the university through the PolyU Micro Fund Scheme 2.0, which provides six months of entrepreneurship training for help entrepreneurial projects enter the HKSTP start-up incubation. program directly.

Additionally, PolyU has launched two key programs that leverage the unique benefits of the technology and innovation ecosystem in the GBA. The first is PolyU’s GBA Startup Postdoc program, aimed at doctoral graduates who are determined to start their own business. As part of a dual academic and industrial mentoring, participants can simultaneously pursue their research and create their own business for the commercialization of their research results. Since the program was launched over a year ago, six doctoral students have won nine awards in total. Six start-ups were created to benefit from post-incubation support; some of them even received angel investments. PolyU will expand the program to Shenzhen and Hong Kong to attract more tech and innovation talent to develop in the GBA.

The second key program is the GBA Maker program for hardware starts. PolyU takes full advantage of its unique manufacturing engineering advantages and facilities, such as PolyU’s industrial hub, to combine Hong Kong’s edge in innovative technology with GBA’s manufacturing capabilities to to develop first-rate hardware start-ups.

Through “GBA PolyVentures 2025”, PolyU aims to systematically accelerate the growth of start-ups through education and incubation and ultimately contribute to the development of innovation and technology in the GBA by deepening collaboration with strategic partners and by leveraging their resources, experience and network. , with the support of PolyU’s new “Entrepreneurship Investment Fund”.


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