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In the digital age, it only takes a few years for research in cutting-edge areas such as predictive analytics modeling and artificial intelligence to find practical uses in everyday business contexts. Areas such as general usability, user interface and semantics which are changed to allow a wider range of potential users.

Business-oriented users keen to take advantage of statistical methods may not be able or comfortable interacting in a pure text terminal in Python or R, for example. After all, open source code is exactly that: Can someone be faulted for not wanting to make an investment decision based on code found freely on the Internet? Business users need an easy way to interact with powerful analytics and need a trusted brand that backs them up. This is exactly why Minitab made a game-changer, easy machine learning for everyone.

Today’s business users don’t have to compromise to perform advanced analytics. For statistical analysis, predictive analysis, and machine learning, there is a 50-year-old powerhouse called Minitab.

Over the past two years, Minitab has revolutionized the market by bringing the world’s most advanced data collection, processing, visualizations, and analysis to the general public. More recently, Minitab crossed the barrier to put “data science” in the hands of professionals. And unlike others who have promised in the past, Minitab keeps its promises.

Indeed, across the company’s entire product portfolio, the emphasis is on usability and business results: Minitab is deployed by a wide range of the business community.

For decision makers responsible for a business process or operational improvements, access to data and the ability to use it to achieve clear goals is essential. The lifeblood of today’s organizations is information, so using it to examine what was, what is and what might happen can lead to lower costs, higher revenues, and more effective actions and appropriate for a long-term strategy.

These can be variables and predictors in math and statistics – for the change manager in the business, these are data sources, outcomes and outcomes. The phraseology may be different, but the required data processing and analysis remains the same. Don’t be intimidated by the term “machine learning”. It’s just about learning from your data, which is effectively what data analysis is. Don’t believe us? Try it yourself.

With Minitab at the heart of your data operations, there is immediate plug and play access to hundreds of data sources through included connectors that allow businesses to access data silos, repositories, and applications on the web. network and cloud. It’s no surprise that Minitab is the top rated data integration tool according to Gartner Peer Insights.

Coupled with the statistical core of the Minitab data analysis platform, professionals can get a complete picture of their data by leveraging archived information and real-time data streams as they occur. in any organization.

The data is cleaned, transformed and presented, providing the basis for predictive analytics modeling and insights into existing work processes.

As businesses begin to scratch the surface of the data resources at their disposal, the hidden relationships between events and variables are uncovered. Factors that were never apparent may surface, even to the objective observer, and visual relationships and correlations emerge. The insights gained help both data scientists and business experts determine how best to achieve business goals.

For business managers and non-data scientists, Minitab’s visual language helps show and correlate the various factors at play. This enables them to create predicted outcomes for proposed changes to operations in safe modeling environments.

The beauty of the Minitab line is its design for use in practical environments. The openness and user interface of the platform means that it can be used in several verticals and unexpected use cases: manufacturer Tate & Lyle has used AI techniques and plotted thousands of variables to refine its sweetener consistency for a better customer experience, for example. Where you least expect it, Minitab’s statistical power is create change.

Across a wide range of industries, advanced analytical modeling, analytics, and machine learning algorithms are deployed by organizations to improve outcomes in thousands of scenarios. At one time, this type of statistical analysis was only seen in high-end medical and pharmaceutical finance and research, but not today. Minitab makes real and significant differences in thousands of parameters.

It integrates with both cloud and on-premises applications and services, from marcomms to workflow processors. Minitab installs locally or is now available as SaaS, ready to be accessed from anywhere with an Internet connection.

To learn more about the Minitab suite of offerings and start leveraging its accessible power to influence change, start your journey here.


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