Five Ways AI Can Influence and Transform Your Business Processes

Technology is constantly changing the way we work, and automation is something business owners will keep an eye out for in the future. This is certainly the case for artificial intelligence, with the global AI market expected to reach $267 billion by 2027.

Movies and the media warned us that if AI got too smart it would take over, and those worries fueled real fears about the replacement of humans by technology. A study found that around 68.5% of college graduates believed technology would make them useless or lose their jobs in the near future. However, AI can facilitate human relationships and collaborations and benefit the business world.

1. AI helps improve productivity

Implementing AI into your business practices can improve employee productivity. As a result, it helps them to work more collaboratively. Take meetings for example – you can use an AI program to transcribe the meeting so you can refer to it later. It could also offer information about recurring meetings.

The customer service industry also has a lot to gain from this technology. Economic Impact and Genesys conducted a survey that found that 65% of CX managers saw an increase in agent productivity. This shows that it’s not just workplaces that benefit from AI for their collaborations; it also connects employees to customers.

2. More inclusiveness and bond building

Over the past few years, remote work has entered the fabric of working life. In the United States alone, more than 4.7 million people use this option. This is another area where AI can help form and strengthen connections.

One of the main technologies used for remote work is video calling, but weak connections can stop work and slow employees down. However, advances in AI have shown that it can help strengthen connections. This reduces the possibility of problems during the call, as well as the possibility of reducing file sizes and keeping collaboration smooth. You can even use it to adjust your lighting and background on the call if you want to feel closer to the desk.

3. A more personal experience

By using AI to offer the possibility of personalization to customers, you can thus improve your connection with them. AI tools can take data and use it to learn what their specific audience wants in their experience and tailor content to meet those needs.

When a customer feels cared for, it can have a positive impact on customer engagement and can lead to returning business through loyalty. And if they have other needs, AI chatbots can be installed so that simpler questions can be answered quickly and efficiently. This is efficient and frees up more time for human agents to focus on more difficult customer requests.

4. Decision making

Another area where AI can help is finalizing decisions. When you have a group of employees collaborating on something creative, it can be difficult to pinpoint just one of the many ideas that are thrown into the mix. Some AI tools can be programmed to recognize and analyze certain ideas, with particular emphasis on their isolation and data-driven decision making.

There are digital options to share the decision-making process with your employees via IPTV distribution, for example. So whether you’re in the office or working remotely, you can feel part of the collaboration and see progress alongside the rest of the company.

5. Learning Benefits of AI

A great business practice is to establish training courses, which AI could help boost. No matter where you land within a corporate structure, there is always more knowledge and skills to acquire in order to progress individually and help the business grow.

However, some of these courses may not be succinct or easy to follow. This is where AI comes in, as it could track where employees need help in their learning. It helps as a follow-up system that can aid those who need an extra helping hand in a more collaborative approach. It will also make your employees feel valued and encourage them to maintain their drive to learn more and grow.

In any business structure, adding artificial intelligence can help boost your processes in many ways. Once you get past the idea that AI is making humans obsolete, you start to see how many human aspects, such as connecting with others and overall engagement, would be helped by AI. Keeping your employees and customers on good terms and happy is important as a business leader, and AI can help maintain that. All of this helps to ensure that your business is successful both externally and internally.

Photo credit: NicoElNino/Shutterstock

Rose Moody is Creative Director at VITEC, a leading provider of IPTV, video streaming and digital signage solutions.

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