Digitization of business processes in 2022

As your organization grows and develops, its external and internal business processes become more complex, especially if you have opened multiple stores or outsourced certain work tasks. Digitization can help you streamline workflows and better understand your business performance. Now, businesses need solutions that can be customized without coding, keep up with the pace of business growth, and meet new demands. Such systems must have high performance in all modes and an intuitive interface. What does the digitalization market expect in 2022? Let’s find out.

The key players and their expectations

Like any other technology, digitization has its leaders (innovators) and early adopters. There’s the so-called Early Majority – more cautious, but with the financial capacity to fill the gaps and push the technology towards mass deployment. Finally, digitalization has followers, those who adapt to the new reality and create useful startups like Sign.ECO.

Before talking about the approaches to digitization in different countries, it is important to understand that depending on the characteristics and expectations of its main actors, it will be used in different ways. Consider the main players, in our opinion:

  1. Private companies see digitization as a way to access new markets with a strategic objective: to survive in the future. In addition, digitalization allows companies to increase their growth by at least 5%;
  2. Public companies, as participants in the ecosystem, act as a kind of government tool. They have a large technology deployment budget and investments to accelerate the adoption of proven technology in the mass market. In the context of digitalization, they mainly implement state programs;
  3. Startups are active participants in the process. They create new ideas and technologies. Some people do it well, and later they can become tech giants;
  4. Authorities (at municipal, regional or federal level). Their goal is to attract as many promising people and businesses as possible to the city, region and country in order to improve their rating and become more successful and attractive.

Now, when the difference between the key players is more or less clear, you can look at how digitization is progressing in different countries, which of the players controls this process. Take the example of France and the United States.

Digitization of business

Key approaches to digitization

In France, the country is run mainly by private companies in cooperation with relatively small cities with limited power and budget. Thus, most technology initiatives are local in nature and scalability takes longer than it could be. However, freedom of action also provides more opportunities to create new things. A successful example, the French Tech initiative, developed in 2013, has shown its potential. In 2020, according to surveys by the consulting firm Ernst & Young, French Tech became the leading techno-ecosystem in the European Union, which was able to attract nearly 5.4 billion euros and create four new “unicorns” . And 2020 confirmed the resilience, maturity and attractiveness of French startups to investors.

In the United States, this approach is even more different, because digitization is governed by the GAFAs (Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon). This model of free innovation brings big changes for consumers but does not concern citizens at all. As a result, there are virtually no “smart” cities in the United States.

According to IoT-Analytics, we will see an active development of digitalization in the post-Covid world. Four areas will dominate this process: enterprise-wide digitalization, remote asset access, business process automation, and cybersecurity. If by 2020 the leaders in digitalization were the countries of Europe and the United States, in the coming years the alignment of digital forces will change in favor of East Asia and the South region. Peaceful.

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