Combine business processes with content management


Nash Naidoo, Senior Manager: Software and Professional Services, Altron Document Solutions.

Although we live firmly in the digital age, there is no doubt that paper functions remain crucial for business operations.

After all, when you think of the briefs created for a board of directors, the picture is inevitably that of a filing cabinet with various documents that every director must read, before their board of directors.

With the exponential growth of data, businesses have become dependent on an efficient flow of information and documents, and are continually adding and refining processes to meet demands. This includes the policies and procedures, as well as the regulations and laws that govern and verify how we capture, store and disseminate various types of information.

Nash naidoo, The senior manager of software and professional services at Altron Document Solutions, points out that whether this information is on paper or digital, people have realized how valuable and meaningful documents are.

“This is even more true in the case where big data processes and analyzes are applied to such data – when you are able to analyze it in a meaningful way, you derive much more value from that particular information,” says- he.

“Plus, as a business moves towards reconciling its workflows and content management, accessing, collaborating, securing and managing the content lifecycle becomes easier and more cost effective. . A good example here would be setting up restrictions on printing, emailing, and viewing data.

At the same time, Naidoo continues, smart layers can identify and highlight key aspects of documents and other content files, as well as provide translation functionality and assess what type of data the file contains, such as ownership. legal, financial or intellectual. These same smart layers provide deep search functionality in repository content and provide increased monitoring and control over organizational content.

“So while content management tools can simply be used as a storage mechanism, organizations that make full use of the smart aspects of these tools are able to save vital time and money. non-compliance can cause significant damage to the company. This impact can be felt on the reputation of the brand, in customer dissatisfaction or even in real legal sanctions.

“Of course, safety goes hand in hand with compliance. Everything we value, we take pride in securing, and the same goes for the different forms of information and content we use in business, ”adds Naidoo.

Security needs to be implemented in layers, he continues, using the example of a person entering a commercial property. Here there may be a barrier, security personnel, CCTV camera, and verification of credentials before you are allowed to enter. Then you may be asked to park only in a certain area, after which you will have to deal with additional security protocols to enter the building. .

“Likewise, a company’s IT infrastructure requires different layers of security, with the content management system’s own security being part of many other layers of security that encompass the network, servers and access devices. users.

Thanks to advanced analytics, management can now understand what type of content is viewed most often in the organization, he notes. They can also determine metrics such as how long staff interact with such content, understand the flow of information across the business, and know what type of information flows through the business, how often, and between whom. information is circulating. Over time, trend analysis can provide insight into predictive and even preventative actions that can be taken.

“Of course, to ensure an effective implementation of this nature, you need a partner who can call on a wide range of ICT services. These range from expert-managed services to digital transformation, and should cover security, specialist vendor services, and even custom development on almost any type of software and development language a customer may need ” , concludes Naidoo.

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