CloudApper’s five best mobile apps for digitizing business processes


GUEST REVIEW: Digitizing business processes is no longer the radical idea it once was. As the majority of companies implement a software solution within their company to streamline tasks, such as scheduling a work order.

After all, the digitalization of business systems offers several advantages. For example, the digitalization of business processes with software solutions can streamline the often lengthy processes found in all businesses, thereby making employees more efficient and productive. Digital transformation of business processes can also help businesses deliver a better customer experience by streamlining the processes required to meet a customer’s needs and increasing access to the information needed to meet demand.

Yet with all the benefits that digital business solutions offer, they can still be improved. By leveraging a device owned by all employees – a smartphone.

Smartphones can run multiple applications that provide many benefits of your digital software solutions and more.


With that in mind, we’ll take a look at CloudApper, a code-free mobile enterprise platform that empowers employees and encourages them to use their mobile devices to their fullest potential.

We will discuss the top five mobile business applications hosted by CloudApper, and how they benefit your business by digitizing processes that typically require time and effort on the part of an employee.


SalesQ is an external sales agent monitoring application. With SalesQ, businesses can accurately monitor the activities of their sales agents, no matter where they are located. This means if your sales agents attend a customer meeting, find new customers, or fill a sales order. Previously, this information would have had to be recorded by the sales agent and transmitted to a log, resulting in inaccuracies. With SalesQ your management team can easily view the tasks performed by your sales agents as they upload them to the digital platform of their mobile device. Leading to faster communication and clarity between employees.

Straight punch

Punch-in systems are used in many businesses as a means of managing employee attendance. However, in a post-pandemic world, the old-fashioned punch in systems is no longer acceptable. RightPunch is a mobile application from CloudApper that turns your smartphone into a contactless time capture device. This is achieved with a QR barcode which is scanned and clocked into the user. With Straight punch, your company can implement a hygienic and accurate clocking method that is easier for employees to use.


Employees are the most crucial asset of any business. They are the reason for the success of many businesses, and their safety is paramount. While some areas are safer to operate than others, all must meet OSHA’s occupational health and safety standards. OSHA refers to the Occupational Safety and Health Act that was developed in 1970 to ensure the safety and well-being of employees. OSHA law requires companies to record any incident that occurs on their site on log documents, especially OSHA logs 300, 300A and 301. If an employee is injured it can be a very stressful environment, it will be difficult to record the details of the incident. With CloudApper’s Safety mobile app, employees can easily record incident details via their mobile phone on the platform.

The Safety mobile application also offers several features. As a platform for employees to educate the company about potential security risks, as well as a knowledge base, a security training resource. Manufacturing Security a requirement for any company wishing to ensure the well-being of its employees.


Whether your business operates from an office, factory or warehouse, your facility is one of your most important assets. Your facility is the base of your business operations, houses your employees and maintains your inventory. Your facility should be carefully managed and maintained. Therefore, reactive maintenance is not acceptable. With CloudApper Facilities mobile app, your business can monitor and schedule facility maintenance work orders and accurately record maintenance inspection information from the mobile platform. Now your company’s facility maintenance team can perform maintenance tasks from their mobile device, rather than having to rely on outdated spreadsheets and logbooks for work orders and maintenance data.


Whether it’s the computers in your office or the rugged drills found at your mine site, all businesses have assets they want to maintain and manage properly. Previously, this maintenance was performed using spreadsheets and logbooks that recorded any maintenance activity performed. However, it can be made more efficient with the digitization and CMMS of CloudApper’s mobile app. CMMS provides a digital platform for employees to perform administrative tasks related to asset maintenance, but more efficiently through their smartphones. With CMMS, businesses can schedule asset maintenance, assign work orders, and even manage asset inventory through the platform, simplifying asset maintenance.


With the digitalization and intelligent use of mobile applications provided by CloudApper, your business can streamline many of the business processes currently underway within your organization. Reduce the time required and allow employees to focus their resources on other activities. With a short learning curve and easy-to-use mobile apps, now is the best time for your business to implement one of CloudApper’s many solutions.


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