Accenture partners with Celonis to help organizations optimize their business processes

Accenture and Celonis have formed a strategic alliance to help organizations get the insights they need to continuously update and optimize their business processes.

Accenture has integrated Celonis’ data-driven execution management capabilities into its tools and platforms, including myConcerto and SynOps, to provide new levels of transparency and insights to inform decision-making.

The strategic collaboration brings together Accenture’s broad functional capabilities, with its experience in lifecycle management and automation to extend Celonis’ process exploration and execution management capabilities. Together, Accenture and Celonis are uniquely positioned to uncover more process inefficiencies for clients, turning insights into instant, data-driven and automated action.

Accenture and Celonis have already collaborated on more than 100 client engagements for clients across many industries. For example, they helped the finance function of a global technology company sharpen decision-making and continuously improve processes across its operations, resulting in millions of dollars in annual savings. They also helped an aerospace company consolidate more than 30 quality assurance processes and tools into one comprehensive process, improving production quality, operational efficiency and ultimately passenger safety.

Business process data and insights are critical for organizations to change and change rapidly,” said Phillip Hazen, senior managing director, Intelligent Platform Services at Accenture. “Our decades of process improvement experience, combined with the power of Celonis process mining, can help our clients create more intuitive, fact-based, and data-driven organizations. Together, we are achieving significant efficiencies for our customers at scale, in a fraction of the time.

Accenture uses Celonis to optimize the processes it performs for clients, as well as to provide insights that help it solve client challenges related to data quality or legacy application integration, for example. Additionally, Accenture uses Celonis to streamline its procurement operations, dramatically improving process efficiencies and providing working capital benefits.

Gene Reznik, Senior Vice President, Ecosystem & Industries at Celonis, added, “Accenture continues to demonstrate global leadership in delivering the most complex client projects across all industries and geographies. His ability to create transformative value by combining technology and process excellence for the world’s most important organizations is remarkable. I am particularly excited about this strategic collaboration as companies are at an inflection point in the way they operate today. There is no limit to the value we can help realize for our joint customers.

Accenture is a Business Partner of Celonis Titanium and was named the 2021 Global Alliance Partner of the Year.

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