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This launch marks another milestone of leadership for Givex Brazil in the prepaid industry for processing and distribution via the GivexHub

TORONTO, July 21, 2022 /PRNewswire/ – Givex Information Technology Group Ltd. (Givex) (TSX: GIVX) (OTCQX: GIVXF), a global leader in omnichannel processing of digital gift cards, loyalty and merchandise credits, is delighted to announce the launch of its industry-leading gifts with Menos Plaguethe first chain of stores present in the 26 States of the Federation and in the Federal District and with more than 40 years of activity.

Pague Menos, an integrated health center, is one of the from Brazil leading pharmaceutical retailers with 1,169 locations across the country. Offering over 16,000 items from 440 different vendors, Pague Menos offers a wide range of products including prescription and over-the-counter medications, multivitamins, hygiene, beauty products, and more.

In addition to processing gift card technology, Givex also serves as a central hub, or “GivexHub”, connecting all major B2C and B2B sales channels and partners in Brazil with built-in business intelligence that tracks the real-time performance of the Pague Menos gift card program in each channel.

“We are delighted that Pague Menos has chosen Givex as their gift card processor, bringing not only industry-leading technology and security, but also managing the nationwide distribution of third-party sales of their prepaid card through our partners. GivexHub,” said Maria Costa, Managing Director of Givex Latin America. “This will not only allow them to achieve maximum brand and product presence capability in Brazil, but also use data intelligence to measure the numbers of each sales channel to achieve the best sales strategy and the best results in the country. We look forward to working with Pague Menos and building on our existing reputation and success in the Brazil market.”

“Pague Menos has increasingly sought to place the consumer at the center of its business, and thus promoted an even more active social listening strategy,” said Mathias Pereira, Executive Director of Strategic Partnerships at Pague Menos. “This announcement responds to the desires and needs of our customers and is another action to reinforce the company’s omnichannel approach.”

The Pague Menos gift card will be sold in mobile wallets and can be purchased through GivexHub partners such as PicPay, Meliuz, Kabum! and Clube Wiipo, reaching over 70 million users so far. In this first phase of the launch, customers can redeem their Pague Menos gift cards on the Pague Menos website. During the second phase, customers will be able to purchase and redeem the cards at 1,100 Plague Menos locations in Brazil.

“At Pague Menos, I have always witnessed management’s efforts to keep the focus on the customer, innovating and constantly implementing services that offer modernity and practicality, providing excellent shopping experiences “, says Sueli Mangeth, PMO of the Gift Card project at Pague Menos. . “To this effect, we have signed up with Givex and have now launched our Pague Menos gift card which can be used in a variety of ways both for your own use and as a gift for those we love. Being able to count on the expertise of this partnership means security and peace of mind for Pague Menos.”

Givex was a pioneer when it entered the Brazilian market over 13 years ago and is known in the market for its robust and secure technology platform for gift cards, loyalty, promotional engine, digital merchandise credit and point of sale. In Brazil the Givex platform alone processed more than 7 billion reais in the transactions of the country’s leading retailers, service providers and hospitality companies. This expansion into the pharmaceutical industry allows Givex to support a wide range of merchants with its technology and business intelligence tools.

“The long-awaited Pague Menos gift card will be a big surprise for customers and the market. In addition to making diaper and baby shower more convenient for those who buy and for those who win, it will also be a great option in the business market, because companies will be able to offer their employees in their campaigns an exclusive card for health and well-being,” said Pereira. “It is Pague Menos that goes further, arrives in new ways in the customers’ lives.

By launching the Pague Menos gift card in BrazilGivex and Pague Menos look forward to bringing ease, convenience and flexibility to millions of customers.

For more information on Givex technology, visit Givex.com.

About Givex

Givex (TSX: GIVX) (OTCQX: GIVXF) is a global financial technology company that provides merchants with customer engagement, point-of-sale and payment solutions, all on one platform. We are integrated with over 1000 technology partners, creating a complete end-to-end solution that delivers powerful customer insights. Our platform is used by some of the biggest global brands, including around 100,000+ active sites in over 100 countries. Learn more at www.givex.com.

About Plague Menos

Pague Menos is the first pharmaceutical distribution chain present in the 26 States of the Federation and the Federal District. With approximately 20,000 employees, it is present in more than 340 municipalities and has 1,169 stores across Brazil, in addition to an omnichannel platform, which allows customers to buy as they wish and receive their products as they wish. There is an assortment of over 10,000 SKUs, which can be found in the company’s stores and e-commerce. Leader in the North and Northeast regions, Pague Menos is today a Health Hub, with 893 Clinic Farma units in all regions of the country.

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